Thursday, 14 November 2019

Cocky Ring Wearer

It took him five years of travelling the lands, exploring and fighting, to collect ten rings of various powers. Which worked well, until he gained a ring of antifall.

But at the suggestion of one of his fellow mercenaries, he slid the ring onto his toe, and it still worked. So for the next three years he was fine, as he collected nine more rings.

Then came the twenty-first ring, one of immense power. But he still wanted the rest of them. But he had a solution.

He hung it on a necklace.

What else did you think he'd do?

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Stream Transcript

"Um, so hi, welcome to the Spin Cycle. On today's stream, I'm going to, like, be playing through Sonic 2 as Knuckles, and-"


"Oh, thank you Al_Scarface for the donation of ten thousand dollars, very generous. Anyway, as I was-"


"Tommy_DeLay with the five thousand dollars , thank you so much!"


"Swiss_Banker420 with the twenty thousand, man you are all so kind to the stream tonight, so why don't we-"


"Uh, be right back, someone's at my door."


"Mayer Plansky, you are under arrest for money laundering, you have the right to, wait turn that off!"

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Generation Translation

The Captain had volunteered for the mission since he was so close to retirement, he knew and accepted the ship had a good chance of not coming back.

No-one had ever flown so close to a singularly like this, but given it was approaching Earth, we needed to investigate.

His message back about the singularity's actions and appearance had a reference to a vinyl record skipping, which I translated for the tech boys as a social media video looping, to help.

And that was why we all died, because a social media video is supposed to loop. A record isn't.

Monday, 11 November 2019


I got about ten or so solid strikes across the back of him before the baseball bat began to splinter. So I turned to throw it into the bin, when I saw her, our eyes meeting as she peeked down the stairs into the basement.

I turned back and made sure the guy was still secured before I slowly headed up the stairs while trying to work out how to explain everything.

But all she was upset about was that I broke her baseball bat. I promised to buy her a new one then went back down to finish up.

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Risk And Opportunity

I first saw the tattoo as he reached up to stack toilet cleaner on the aisle 7, section 12, shelf 2. Three Chinese Hanzi characters. I instantly knew the backstory, and how it clearly meant 'fate' or some such according to him. At least it wasn't a swear word, he got off light with 'bulldog'.

When we were on break, I asked him (slyly) what it meant. He told me it was his horoscope, how he was Taurus in one system, born in the year of the Dog in the other, thus he was a Bulldog.

I was very disappointed.

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Appetite For Destructive Experimentation

Children have an instinctual need to explore and experiment with destruction.

Not just by slamming one thing against another, although that is indeed an example of said need, but involving the forces they barely understand.

Fire is the classic one, easily controllable (It seems) but so capable of destruction.

Electricity is the choice of those of a more aggressive or inquisitive nature, more mysterious, more useful, more deadly.

But gravity? That can certainly draw attention, but not for long. Dropping things is the limit of the destructive power available.

Except your child. They can wield it like fire.

Not good.

Non-Drabble: "Discworld: Streets Of Anhk-Morpork" (Fiasco Game Module)

Previously on this blog, I have shared with you Fiasco game modules I have written/run at RPG cons down here in Australia, Star Trek - Fargo Station and Fallout: New Vegas - Dishonest Hearts specifically. Well, time has come for another one, this one set in the Discworld universe. Intro and link just over the page break...

(Tilt and aftermath tables are the same as the base game.)