Friday, 24 May 2013

Swordsmanship Matters

Grax The Mighty, Last of the Dohabin Clan, Wielder of Troghan the Deadly, Scourge of the Rat-Folk of Zerandrin, Winner of the Telanxor Wars, Vanquisher of the Harpy Spawn, Defender of the Twin Cities of Spindro and Bowski, Slayer of the Five Dragons of Cacarsa, Uncrowned King of the Lost City of Rowarste, Holder of the Sacred Knowledge of the Ancient Mystics of Antogliom, The Sole Master of the Deadly Chun-Bo-Riko fighting art, Discoverer of the Final Resting Place of Alisbar The All Powerful, and the Only Man to Defeat The Gods of Oscario was, unsurprisingly, really terrible in bed.

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