Sunday, 30 April 2017

Native Tongue

The Injun and me, we got to an understanding. She didn’t seem to speak any English, but we soon got used to each being around. She’d come by the river every few days when I was there, washing and cleaning and drinking. I just had to wait out a few more weeks, and then the sheriffs would stop looking for me.

Then she offered me food. I ate it.

Next day, she offered me a blanket. I took it.

Then she offered her. I took that, gladly.

Then woke up to find the sheriffs above me, paying her the reward…

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Why Ships Are Female

Although some people are attempting to dehumanize them recently, most people understand that ships are always female. They say it’s about feminine nouns in old languages, or Oedipus complexes if you’re into that sort of thing.

I totally understand how these theories arose, if nothing else, humanity is damn good at lying to itself, at making itself believe a lie to explain something otherwise inexplicable.

Because the ship that was male, the space ship that seeded humanity on this planet? That’s not one humanity likes.

Which I suppose actually is an Oedipus style issue, but a complete coincidental one, really…

Friday, 28 April 2017

Saving Natara

The chanting was a dull roar behind me as I slowly approached the altar. Laying across it, her limbs chained to the corners, was my love, naked except for a few jewel encrusted trinkets. As I loomed over her, she opened her eyes and focused on the gloom that the hood was providing. After a moment she recognized me, and smiled.

“It’s you…” she whispered, smiling.

I froze, unsure, as I glanced between her chains and the knife in my hand.


I sighed, and drove the knife into her chest.

“Thank you…” she said, her eyes filled with joy.