Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Four Out Of One

By the time the message arrived, all I could make out was that a “Qu..tet of Assa…ns” had been hired by my brother to kill me.

The first one was easy, he thought he could surprise me by swinging down from a balcony. Did not work.

The second one tried to poison me. But Death Eater Blossom has such a distinctive smell.

The third and final were a duo, they proved quite challenging in combat, but I defeated them.

It was the moment when I wondered if it was ‘quintet’ not ‘quartet’ that the fifth’s blade ran through my back.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Important Digits

The circumstances that led to the situation the two found themselves in were long and complicated, and yet at the same time seemed irrelevant at this point. All that mattered was that there was a multi-edged blade hanging between them, and both of them needed it to kill the other in order to save themselves.

Thus, for what seemed like days but were in fact seconds, the two of them were pressing into the blade with their hands, trying desperately to win this.

Those circumstances though, one of them involved a very realistic looking artificial hand being given to someone…

Monday, 29 May 2017

Pop Star Between Points

I couldn’t believe my eyes, Rosé was in the same club I was! It was certainly the booze talking, but I wanted to try picking up the pop starlet.

As I approached, two large men in ill-fitting suits stepped in front of me.

“Ms Rosé does not wish to be bothered.”

“Thank you Thorne.” Rosé said, as a waitress brought her a drink. I glanced at the other one.

“I presume you’re Thorne too?”


I laughed.

“Well, any other name for a Thorne I suppose…”

“You’re the first guy to get that.” Rosé said, as she beckoned me over.