Thursday, 31 August 2017

The Bloody, Conquest, Horrible, Large, New, Singular, Widespread Thing

So Humanese, it took words from various former Human languages, but the main one it’s based on, structurally, is English. And with that came the adjective listing rule. Basically any noun with multiple adjectives lists them in the order of quantity, opinion, size, age, shape, color, any proper adjective , and then finally purpose or qualifier. Many brown dogs, for instance. Blue giant impressive dragons, that just sounds weird.

And yet, the first alien race we met, the Azarians, they ordered them alphabetically. Got on Humanity’s nerves.

Now, I’m not saying that CAUSED the war, but it sure didn’t help…

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Blood For Blood

The two vials of blood remained sealed with wax, inside the caged chest, behind a thousand monks and ten thousand soldiers, all determined to make sure no-one would claim them. The only earthly remains of the Battle For Existence, the Blood Of The Creator could give one power over all life, while the Blood Of The Destroyer could give one power over all death.

But eventually, a darkness rose, and someone with a large army, a larger lust for power, and a few dozen spectres, managed to take out the soldiers, the monks, the bars.

Luckily, the wax was porous…

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Visiting The Other Dorm Rooms

The camera was meant to go off only when someone entered or left the building. A highly important research building like this, even one on a university campus, needs to keep track of who comes in, who comes out.

That’s why when the camera started going off randomly, when it would take pictures of empty foyers, it was such an issue. If the camera was faulty, then our entire security system could be at risk. We spent weeks trying to find a fault, only to come up empty handed.

Thankfully, that was when they announced the whole invisibility machine thing.